Members’ Statement: Back at Queens Park with a Good News Story

I have more great news from the riding of Essex. We have two wonderful doctors in our region—their names are Dr. Tayfour and Dr. Emara—and they do cataract surgery, giving sight back to those who are losing it. They’re modern-day miracle workers. They do these surgeries at a clinic and they have served literally thousands of people in our region.

Now, we know that the opposition doesn’t support this, but thanks to the progressive and compassionate policies of this government, Drs. Emara and Tayfour will now be allowed to continue this practice and give sight back to people who are losing it, serving thousands of people in my riding and in the region. Best of all, they’ll pay for this with their OHIP card, not their credit card.

I would like to thank the Minister of Health for providing us with this policy—this compassionate and progressive policy—which will serve thousands of people in the riding of Essex and in the surrounding region, giving them health care where and when they need it.