Members’ Statement: Standing with Syncreon Workers

Syncreon is an automotive company which employs people in Essex County and in the surrounding areas. Syncreon does work for Stellantis, but in July of this year, Stellantis announced that they were going to bring some of that work back into the Stellantis shops, and that means about 300 Syncreon employees have now been displaced.

But they have hope, and that’s because a new labour action centre has been opened for those syncreon automotive workers. The labour action centre offers a holistic approach to job-seeking, with peer-to-peer support from people who come directly from the ranks of syncreon. The centre will provide vital community support and direct assistance and will help syncreon employees with new employment, retraining and upgrading of their skills.

The new labour action centre is a partnership between the Ontario government and Unifor. The Ontario government is putting in $360,000, and Unifor is making an in-kind contribution of $45,000.

I want to thank the Minister of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development for his support, and I want to join him in saying that we will never stop working for workers.